Beijing Junyi Exhibition Co., Ltd. is specialized in the exhibition, show room and conference business. As a turn key engineering company, Our focus is in creativity, design and construction. The company provides global exhibition booth rental, design, engineering, production, personnel and services (including overseas visits, professional seminars, tickets, passport, visa, exhibition documents, etc.), transportation, and other exhibits custom declaration full service.

  After years of unremitting efforts, the company has work for many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to provide sophisticated solutions in exhibitions with more than a thousand cases, some companies and government departments and companies have beneficial to our long-term friendly relations of cooperation. Government agencies such as the United Nations, the Ministry of National Security, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the Chinese Foreign Ministry, China Land Agency, Chinese Ministry of Railways, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Renmin University, State Family Planning Commission, China Road Traffic Management Association, China Valve Association, China Council for the Promotion text Finnish Government, Guangxi Forestry Bureau and so on. Well-known enterprises such as: LG Chemical, GE camera, FAW - Volkswagen, Zhongyu Automobile, Datong Coal Mine Group, Fuji Camera, HC International, BOCO, McDonald's, China Petroleum, Sany, Huawei Group, Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, Lotte food Group, China architecture Design Institute, Taiyuan Institute of Architectural Design, Yuchai Machinery, Zoomlion, Swans, August Furniture, the First Steam Lease, Matt Asian Decorative Group, Chong Decoration Group, Dongfeng Auto Parts, West Otis, Hunan Publishing Group, CRRC, CRRC Tangshan Locomotive, CRRC Dalian Locomotive, CRRC Yongji Electric, Chinese People and Property Insurance Companies, Traffic Police Corps Guangdong, Jiangsu Traffic Police Corps, Liaoning Traffic Police Corps, Jiangxi Traffic Police Corps, Hebei Construction Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group.

   Work with Junyi as we will optimize service in every detail, listen to your needs, provide consistent, personalized, professional and efficient exhibition services!